Insights to influence

Market Intelligence challenges assumptions, illuminates risk, spots opportunity and generates ideas.

Our aim is to provide a full view of what influences players in your market. There are 3 main sources of intelligence that can impact the decisions organisations need to make to achieve their goals and objectives:

Customer Intelligence

How your existing and target customers behave and respond; their motivations, attitudes, expectations and ideas.

Business Intelligence

Taps into internal knowledge, data, processes and people that shape and support your organisation’s objectives and decisions.

Competitor Intelligence

Assesses your competitors, positioning, territory, brand strengths and weaknesses. Highlights your opportunities to differentiate and generate “blue ocean” thinking.

“Discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes”

Research is a core function of market intelligence. It should provide new insights that enhance the body of knowledge that form the basis for good decision making.

For our clients this may include:
  • An analytical review of already gathered consumer research data to reveal another angle or fresh insights
  • A fully customised research project to a specific brief
  • Taking a standardised approach e.g. to testing concepts or new products
  • Collaborative sessions, to develop consumer led marketing communications, product planning, design or development
  • Gold mining customer databases to gain a better understanding of your existing customers’ profile and behaviours – providing clues as how to retain them and win more like them
  • Competitive analysis and market assessment

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

CLOUT offers creative techniques, close and consultative relationships, dedication and commitment to obtain insights with impact and influence.

Our aim - to inform decisions, evaluate risk, steer marketing strategy and tactics.

Research is the means to provide you with the market intelligence you need.

There will be more from CLOUT soon.