CLOUT puts the client rather than the research at the centre of each project. We believe that research is a function of realising business and market opportunities, and must aim to improve and influence decisions and directions.

CLOUT is an energetic and vibrant company formed in 2010 by Caroline Dennett to provide organisations across several sectors (predominantly Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail and Service industries) with high quality, valuable and carefully harvested customer insights and market intelligence.

CLOUT is an independent agency that partners with other like-minded individuals and agencies to deliver the best possible results and outcomes. This creates a desirable network of capability and control, with each partner determined by the objectives and needs of our clients.

“Our responsibility is to do what we can, learn what we can, improve the solutions, and pass them on”

Thorough research design, inclusive and challenging consultation processes and careful analytical planning are the cornerstones of the work Caroline and her teams have carried out. These are the ingredients to ensure the right information is presented to make the right business and organisational decisions.

Caroline has extensive research experience, working within large corporations; a major global technology player and an international oil company, and as an external agency consultant and researcher. Working across several industry sectors, she understands very well the challenges involved in making sure that a decision is made having heard all the necessary voices, and the power of good information.

Caroline is currently finalising her MA in Marketing and Ecommerce at the University of Portsmouth, marrying practical and in depth experience with knowledge and the latest academic thinking.